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2021.11.22 'Our neighborhood AR-3 color story', Dongindong, Daegu, Korea

2021. 6.5-6.6 '2021 Aporia  international Village Film Festival', Daegu, Korea

2021.8.13-8.28 <Monthly Insa Art Space> August issue / 'Flickering Homes', Insa Art Space, Seoul, Korea

2020.11.23 -11.28 ‘Connect the value of the story’ , University Culture and Arts Nurturing Project,

                               Augmented Reality Road MAP exhibition around Kyungpook National University ,Daegu

2019.12.4 - 12.8   ‘Dongindongin 東仁同人’ - linked' Archive Exhibition, Bongsan Art center , Daegu                                                                                                                            

2019.11.18 - 11.30   ‘Dongindongin 東仁同人’ - linked' Apartment Community Art Project, Dongin Apartment, Daegu   

2019.7.11 - 7.31     'Poetic Political art', Independent movie theater CINE55, Daegu                                                                             

2019.7.2 - 8.10        'Tech-Emotions'  Bukgu Eoul Artcenter, Daegu

2019.06.25 - 06.26  '2019  Do it Theater, Digital Jisin', Daegu Artfactory, Daegu

2018.10.29 - 11.11 'Dongin Apartment _ new kids on old block' 展, LOCALPOST&Calligraphy libraryNambu Library, Daegu

2018.'Ulsan, draw with light', Media Facade , Ulsan Artcenter, Ulsan national composition music festival, Ulsan, Korea

2018.7.24 - 7.30   'Dongin Apartment _ new kids on old block' , LOCALPOST&Calligraphy library,   Independent movie theater CINE55, Daegu            

2018.1.10-2.10 'THAAD BREAKER' LOCAL POST & FRIENDS,  Independent movie theater CINE55, Daegu

2017. 12. 27- 2018.1.7  'THAAD or NOT' Media art porject, Sungju Townhall, Sungju 

2017. 12. 28 'Shaking, blooming flower-It's there again.'Gain small Theater, Daegu

2017. 10.13-10.29  'Delicacies-Admiration'   Changwon city, avenueChangwon

2017. In-Daegu Media Facade 'VISIBLE, INVISIBLE CITY' Art Directing,  Daegu artcenter Museum, Daegu

2016.12.6-2017.1.7 'City walkers _ Common city, memory, ecology'BEOM-EO ART STREET, Daegu

2016.11.1-11.9  'City for Walk_common city.memory.ecology'Isang space DUDLE, Seoul                                        

2016.10.1-10.30  2016  Pohang steel art festival 'Garden of Steel'

                                            Pohang Yongildae, Pohang

2016.7.1-8.28  'Media Landscape'   Interactive Media Art & Kinetic Art,GS Caltex YEULMARU  Yeosu Culture&Arts Park, Yeosu

2016.3.15-4.10   'Co-Work',  Smile artcenter, Daegu

2015.12.28    'Daegu Independent Arts Roundtable', Space Anarche, Daegu

2015.8.22-8.23  'Artist or Untouchable' 1st Resistant Artfestival, - Arts events daedanji in SUNGNAM                       

2015.8.21-9.20 '2015 Daegu Contemporary Art Festival' in Gangjeong, Daegu

2015.8.15-9.6    'Space inversion' 2015 Ten-topic Artistfesta, Daegu Art Factory

2015.6.9  'Impure performance' Media performance & Kabarett

             2015 Gachang Art Residence Creative Camp, Space Gachang,Daegu, Korea

2015.2.24-3.14  Artist’Ssul Exhibition’, Discussion Exhibition#1, Sunday Paper, Local Post, Oneness, Daegu, Korea

2014.8.30-31   ' Kunstpunkte 2014'Open Aterlier Network, Duesseldorf, Germany

2014.5.16-6.16  'Never Ever'Art Action Project for Ferry Disaster, Rululalra, Daegu, Korea

2014.4-2014.10  "Bauwagen der Kontainer" Artfact 2010-Artist Assosiation,

                                Monthly Online Participation, Duesseldorf,Germany                     

2014.2.21-5.4 France Normandie, USINE UTOPIC INTERNATIONAL VIDEO FESTIVAL ,  'Made in Korea' Normandie, France                           

2013.12.21-2014.1.5 '도입시더 Do it Theater', Walk performance PartyDaegu Art Factory, Korea

2013.10-2014.1  Daegu Art Factory, Residency ‘Tentopic Project’, Korea

2013.11-2013.12 GyeongBuk Art Education Support Center,

                                                                   COP(Community of Practice) ’Communication & Collaboration’, Sungju, Korea

2013.10 ‘Pictures at an Exhibition’, White Cube&Black Box, Ayang Art Center Black box,  Daegu, Korea

2013.8 '2013 Korea Namboo International Contemporary Fine Art Festival', Opening Performance, Daegu Art Center, Daegu, Korea           

2012.9  ' Bauwagen der Demokratie' Project, Duesseldorf, Germany,

2012.8 4.internationale Kunstausstellung mit geoeffneten Atelier und Livemusik                         

                                  goeffneten Atelier und Livemusik, Janggo Performance, Berlin, Germany

2012.8-9  Online Exhibition, SNS, facebook On-Off Line Project

2012.7 'local post - global social network project group'LOCAL POST-global social project, network group’ Estabilshment, Korea




































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