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 Tech-Emotions  (오정향, 손영득)

'A Walk to' : 놀이터가 되어준 공터와 운동장을 지나 높은 건물로 즐비한 풍경을 통과하면 기능이 다해 사라진 기억의 장소를 만난다. 도시의 외형은 성장과 쇠퇴를 반복하면서 새로운 모습으로 변모하지만 공간의 역사는 사람이 가진 공간에 대한 기억이다. 도시의 시공간을 잇는 길을 관람자는 트레드밀을 타면서 산책하듯 걷는다.

'유령의 커브Ghost curves': 유령의 시선처럼 무목적인 초점없는 카메라의 시선은 재개발의 호흡이 일시 정지된 낡은 도시의 골목을 누빈다. 인간과 자연에 의해 유기되거나 방치된 동물과 식물은 부유하듯 골목을 떠돈다. 바다위어 떠 있는 폐선의 핸들을 돌리듯 관람객은 전시장에 마련된 핸들을 돌리면서 난민처럼 떠도는 도시 속 유기견과 고양이들을 스치듯 무심하게 만나게 된다.

Local-Post is a high-profile artist group that works in the arena of plural art, especially media art. Several artists joined together under the banner of Local-Post while working as individual artists.

Its members at times created events while working or exhibiting their pieces as the artist.

At a glance it can either seem like a loose organization or a tight one with a strong bond.

I myself do not know the inside story in detail.

Local-Post seems to have the ability to always be working in the art scene.

First, Local-Post relies on a candid philosophy that is similar to the basic principle of founding a corporation to carry out its projects.

Second, it has gained lots of field experience. It is not afraid to do paperwork or carry out educational programs. (That being said, there is only the absence of fear. I’m sure nobody actually likes such red tape.)

Third, it has independent technical capabilities. This third point may be similar to the second. No media artist is adept at the technology they adopt. If there is something you do not know or are accustomed to, you have to outsource. It would be a great strength if you could solve a technical problem by yourself.

Two artists, Son Young-Deuk and Oh Jung-Hyang, have teamed up for this exhibition. Their works include A Walk to and Ghost Curves.

A Walk to consists of a giant screen and three running machines. When a viewer walks or runs on the running machine, an imaginary space in an animation unfurls in proportion to his or her speed.

Unlike this work, Ghost Curves depends on the principle that a viewer can choose the route they take as they turn the helm while the speed remains constant. The images incarnated by this action are similar to the streets in Dongin-dong, Daegu. In other words, the former work is a consideration of imaginary space and speed whilst the latter is a presentation of an actual space and route. I myself would refer to it as “an artistic embrace of human geography” but they may have a different take on it. Their view is much more complicated and profound than mine

                                                                                                                    Tech-Emotions (LOCAL POST) By Yoon Gyu-hong, Art Critic


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2019. 7. 2-8.10  <어울아트센터>


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